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AI is the solution to more human-centered workplaces

A smart platform for the development and measurement of workplace culture and improvement of employee experience.

A smart platform for the development and measurement of workplace culture and improvement of employee experience through smooth integration of your current software and systems such as Slack, Workplace, Google Suite, and HR performance tools. LEAD offers more than just a band-aid solution to your employee experience. Unlike standalone survey tools, LEAD has the power to improve employee experience utilizing AI as the link to human connection in the workplace. It is designed to help both employer and employee in synchronization.

LEAD is smart technology that identifies and matches employees for friendship and mentorship, using both social interests and peer-to-peer learning opportunities. It helps your employees develop organic connections and relationships, encouraging coffee and lunch catch-ups, both virtual and face-to-face, supporting regular feedback for continuous improvement.

Lead your Organization with LEAD

Provides services beyond a software platform.

End-to-End Software

Enables both employees and people managers to
achieve their goals.

Rich Resources for your Internal Marketing

LEAD provides email templates and internal marketing materials for your culture initiatives. We will guide you through user onboarding, drive adoption and engagement, and identify your challenges and achievements.

Seminars & Workshops Available

Optional in-person and online seminars and workshops for topics related to your employee wellness, buddy program, and mentorship.

Great Customer Service

You get a dedicated account manager available for monthly or quarterly check-ins, strategy planning, and consulting.

Connect your Employees

Your employees are the best human resources for your culture initiatives. Friends, allies, and mentors can be found internally. Leverage your employees’ knowledge bank and kindness to enhance your workplace productivity.


Employee pairing at scale

From the moment of new hire onboarding through any time in the employee’s work life cycle, LEAD provides configurable solutions to power your employee experience.


Organization-wide mentoring

Mentorship programs for any style, scale, and moment. LEAD provides users with easy solutions to create an efficient and flexible program structure.


Personalized user experience

Choose what suits your workplace culture and work style flexibly and regularly.

Our AI-powered algorithms match co-workers with relevant experience and personality traits.


Fits into existing workflow

Mobile and desktop versions, notification integration with email and Slack; HRIS integration is optional.


Real-time analytics

Insightful data to discover blind spots, support program effectiveness, and increase employee engagement and retention with demographic filters.

More engaged, productive and happy employees


Employee NPS score


Productivity increase


Alignment with the organization and its people

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Real-Time Engagement, Activity, Sentiment And Culture Analytics