Matching and measuring relationship building with different employees; flexibly and regularly.


For all styles of mentoring – organic,  structured mentoring, and reverse mentoring.

Pulse Survey

Impactful, Insightful and Personalized Pulse surveys that help HR implement real-time changes to employees wellbeing and experience to minimize turnover.

Culture Building

LEAD is designed to help HR, Leadership & employees build a better culture together.

Company Benchmarks

Measure real-time data against past results to track the health of the organization.

Question Templates

A question “bank” designed by a group of social behavior scientists taking into consideration many themes, including for example diversity and inclusion and team effectiveness.


Demographic-based employee Net Promoter Scores that help HR and company leaders to understand their teams and employees better.

AI is the solution to more human-centered workplaces

A smart platform for the development and measurement of workplace culture and improvement of employee experience through smooth integration of your current software and systems such as slack, workplace, Google suite, and HR performance tools.

LEAD offers more than just a band-aid solution to your employee experience. Unlike a stand-alone survey tools, LEAD has to power to improve employee experience utilizing AI as the link to human connection in the workplace.

Designed to help both employer and employee in synchronization. LEAD is smart technology that matches employees to identify similarities and possibilities for friendship and mentorship relationships, matching both social likes or peer to peer learning opportunities with others to help your organization grow organic connects and relationships. LEAD encourages coffee and lunch catch ups, both virtual or face to face, supporting regular feedback for continuous improvement.