We only support the P2P buddy program in this way: 

  1. Use the auto-matching function:

1.1 Create 1 channel named for example”#junior_sales “, create another channel named for example”#sales-buddy”. Then, invite people who want to have buddies into those channel. LEAD.bot will match people across the 2 channels. 

1.2 If you want to have buddy programs for engineers, you can create channels called “#engineer-buddy-program” and cross match as well. 

 2. Use the manual matching function: 

2.1 Select a mentee and then select a mentor, customize the intro-message, (save the message in your notepads), send the match out. 

2.2 Use the same method in 2.1, copy the customized intro message from your notepads, and send the 2nd match out.