1. You can invite the bot to different “teams” (please add the bot to teams, not channels), To set this up, you will need to add the bot to different teams. Please repeat the procedure: find the bot in the app,  add the bot to a team, then find the bot in the apps again, then add the bot to a new team.
  2. Go to the dashboard by typing dashboard to the bot, and access the dashboard to select the teams you want to cross-match/shuffle. 
  3. Go to Matching Settings of any matching team(teams with LEAD.bot installed are called matching team), choose Cross Team Matching, and follow the on-screen instruction. 

If you have 4 teams, but you only want to select 3 teams to shuffle, please delete the bot from the 4th team if you don’t want any matching to happen. However, if you want the 4th team to match within the 4th team, you can leave the bot there. 

Every time you made a new team, there is a default schedule. Please make sure to disable default schedules if you only intended to add the new teams to a cross matching rule, otherwise the default schedule will match people within the same team as well. 



      4. After you gave a name to the cross-matching group, go to “matching schedules”. pick a schedule and assign it to the matching group, then save the setting.