To install LEAD, go to and click the “Add to Slack” button. Sign in to your Slack account. If you’re already signed into multiple Slack workplaces, you will need to choose a workplace.

Depending on your workplace’s settings, you may not be able to install bots if you’re not an admin for your workplace. If you are installing without the right to create a channel in your workplace, the installation will fail. To avoid this, you will need to have an admin add LEAD, or add you as an admin.

(Please note, only 1 person in your company needs to install the app. If the app is already installed in a channel of your workplace, you can add it to a new channel or channels.) 


LEAD automatically creates a channel for LEAD.Bot 

LEAD will automatically create a channel called #coffee-matching as the dedicated Slack channel to use for LEAD employee matching. (If you do not want to use this default channel, you can rename the channel or create one or multiple new channels and add to them)

LEAD supports multi-channel matching. You can invite to any channel, such as #ChicagoYoga or #Engineer-PM-meetups, and the bot will match people within those channels.

To invite the bot to multiple channels, type, then follow Slack’s notification to invite the bot.

The initial matching channel will have a default matching time (Monday at 10 am PT), which you can change; if you’ve created new matching channels, please add matching schedules to any new matching channels you created.




Configurable settings

You can access the admin dashboard by visiting’s home tab. Click the “Go to advance dashboard” button.

All available services are configurable from LEAD’s admin dashboard. We offer a free plan as well as Basic Plan at the moment to all customers. Currently, there is no difference between the 2 plans, we only charge customers based on your usage. You can use the price calculator listed below the plans, to see whether you need to upgrade, and which plan you can choose.


Announce LEAD to your team!

Your team will participate in LEAD matching by joining the channel LEAD created, so now you just need to invite others to participate and let them know that they need to join the #coffee-matching channel in order to get matched. You can announce LEAD to your team via email and/or within Slack (most people tend to post it in the #general channel or #social channel). You can just copy and paste the blurb sent from right into Slack (e.g. into #general or #social). If you need an email announcement template or need to send articles to your co-workers about why meeting others is good for them, please email Additionally, we’ll share some samples with you upon signup.