Employee collaboration is now more important than ever in remote and hybrid work. HR professionals leverage LEAD as the software of choice when it comes to building meaningful human connections and workplace friendships. With LEAD’s newest features, organizations can optimize the employee connection programs which result in fostering higher employee retention, productivity, and collaboration.  

Let’s explore each feature and its benefit: 


Improve Collaboration with Larger Matching Groups (up to 7 people)

This feature allows the admin to schedule the matching group size from 2 to 7 people per group. 1:1 employee matching is no longer the only option. A larger matching group size increases the matching rate among employees helping people start more meaningful conversations and share relevant knowledge.  

Matching group size screenshot

Drive Participation with Channel-level Scheduling

Previously the matching could only be done at the organization level. Now admins can schedule the matching to occur at the individual channel level. Before the match channels menu would now display identical schedules for each channel, now, you can schedule different match times for individual channels. Each channel can add or remove or modify schedules independently. 

Per channel per schedule display


Brings Teams Closer together with Cross-channel Matching

Activating the cross-channel matching feature opens up matching between all users within two different channels to have entire channels of people intermingle. Introducing different teams within your organization to each other – even if they don’t always work together, like the #sales team and #engineers team – is a surefire way to improve your company’s culture. Cross-channel matching helps your organization smash down business silos, create greater learning opportunities, implement mentorship programs, and make work a better place to be. 


Please refer to the link below for the tutorial on how to set up cross-channel matching on Slack. 


Please also note that cross-channel matching can become very complex, so we recommend organizations to start with a simple configuration, and expand the complexity over time as necessity arrives. 


Increase more Matching Opportunity with Enable/Disable repeat matches once users have met all other users

You can have the option to repeat the matches once users have matched all other users in the team. This feature makes it easier for admins to manage small teams. For larger organizations (> 200) we recommend disabling the repeat matches.

repeat matches enabled/disable


Manage with Ease by Enable/Disable Matching for Singer User

While employees can always disable matching by typing the command themselves, now admins can disable the match for them while they are on vacation. 

Enable/ Disable matching for user imagesinger user enable/disable


Better Understanding of the Current Matching Programs

Admin will have a better understanding of their current matching program, and analyze user engagement with the function of downloading a CSV file of users that have opted out of matching programs. 


matching csv screenshot


With these new features, LEAD.bot continues its mission to be the number one employee collaboration software that empowers your people-first culture and builds meaningful connections and internal bonds among your teammates.