Employee collaboration is now more important than ever in remote and hybrid work, and many HR professionals choose LEAD, an employee engagement software that helps build meaningful human connections and internal bonds at work. Especially with LEAD’s new features, organizations can customize and optimize the employee connection programs, which results in higher retention and productivity. 

Let’s explore each feature and its benefit: 


Each matching team can have its own schedule

People want to tailor their working style and schedule to their needs. This feature provides the flexibility for different teams to get their matching schedules that suits them best. This feature also works for cross-team matching.

different schedule matching


Brings Teams Closer together with Cross-Team Matching

This feature allows organizations to use their Teams in multiple cross-team schedules. Introducing different teams within your organization to each other – even if they don’t always work together, like the #sales team and #engineers team – is a surefire way to improve your company’s culture. Cross-channel matching helps your organization smash down business silos, create greater learning opportunities, implement mentorship programs, and make work a better place to be.


image of different matching schedule


Increase more Matching Opportunities with Enable/Disable repeat matches once users have met all other users

This feature makes it easy for admins to manage small teams. Just simply go to “Settings” and “Enabled” the repeat matching function when you want your team to rematch. For larger organizations (> 200) we recommend disabling the repeat match. 



Enable/Disable matching for singer users. 

While employees can always disable matching by typing the command themselves, now admins can disable the match for them while they are on vacation, which ensures they won’t miss their matches while traveling. 

disable matching examples


Export a CSV file of users that have opted out of matching

This feature provides HR managers a better insight into the employee matching programs, which allows better analysis and planning for future matches. 



Employees can now type “Schedule” to know their matching schedule

With this feature, every employee can be proactive and prepared to connect with their matching teammates. 


Customize Template for different Teams 

With the template editor, HR Managers can now design and customize a unique template that suits your team and organization. Let your creative mind works its magic way. We found that with customized templates, employees are more likely to open up and connect. Here are some of our latest icebreaker topics that you can use for your teams. We will continue to add more intro ice-breakers to keep things interesting. 



With these new features, LEAD.bot continues its mission to be the number one employee collaboration tool that empowers your people-first culture and builds meaningful connections and internal bonds among your teammates.