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Q1. How do I set up in Slack?

To install LEAD, go to and click the “Add to Slack” button. Sign in to your Slack account. If you’re already signed into multiple Slack workplaces, you will need to choose a workplace.

Depending on your workplace’s settings, you may not be able to install bots if you’re not an admin for your workplace. If you are installing without the right to create a channel in your workplace, the installation will fail. To avoid this, you will need to have an admin add LEAD, or add you as an admin.


LEAD automatically creates a channel for LEAD.Bot 

LEAD will automatically create a channel called #coffee-matching as the dedicated Slack channel to use for LEAD employee matching. (If you do not want to use this default channel, you can rename the channel or create one or multiple new channels and add to them)

LEAD supports multi-channel matching. You can invite to any channel, such as #ChicagoYoga or #Engineer-PM-meetups, and the bot will match people within those channels. 

Configurable settings and access to Pulse Survey & Buddy/Mentorship Program

Email to set up a call for your customized needs. All services are configurable from LEAD’s admin dashboard. If you only need the basic FREE coffee/lunch matching function that’s available in Slack, please skip this step — no need to contact us.

Announce LEAD to your team!

Your team will participate in LEAD matching by joining the channel LEAD created, so now you just need to invite others to participate and let them know that they need to join the #coffee-matching channel in order to get matched. You can announce LEAD to your team via email and/or within Slack (most people tend to post it in the #general channel or #social channel). You can just copy and paste the blurb sent from right into Slack (e.g. into #general or #social). If you need an email announcement template or need to send articles to your co-workers about why meeting others is good for them, please email Additionally, we’ll share some samples with you upon signup.

Q2. What features are supported for LEAD.Bot for Slack

LEAD.Bot supports all of the following in it’s free tier:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited matching channels
  • Fully customizable introduction messages
  • Matching in groups of 2 – 8 users
  • Custom matching schedules (multiple times per week, weekly, monthly, whatever works for your organization!)
  • Custom permissions for employees
  • An advanced dashboard with even more customizable match settings

Q3: How does the matching by email work?

Matching by email is a premium service and you need to request access to LEAD’s admin dashboard. Contact to set up a meeting.

Q4: Can I see a product demo somewhere?

Yes. We have a video demo at for for Slack. 

Q5. Besides Slack, what other platforms do you support?

We can introduce coworkers one on one through group emails, Microsoft Teams or Workplace by Facebook. Users can also get notifications directly through our platform. Please email to get more details. 

Q6. How do I set up a mentorship program/buddy program with LEAD?

Buddy/Mentorship Program setting is a premium service and you need to request access to LEAD’s admin dashboard. Contact to set up a meeting.

Q7. Do you have announcement templates to help with internal promotion if we use LEAD?

Yes. Once you download the software, we will send you announcement templates. For Slack users, you can also access to the templates anytime through the bot. 

Q8. How can employee matching programs help my company?

  1. Statistics show that 40% of employees feel isolated in the workplace. Enabling workplace friendships across teams helps to increase employee’s sense of belonging, increasing productivity by 3-7 times.
  2. Breakdown business silos. Connecting employees for different purposes can lead to higher employee retention rate and better internal communication.
  3. Contact if you are interested in more insights. 

Q9. Can remote teams utilize LEAD?

Absolutely! Many of our customers use LEAD for their remote workforce. Upon registration, we send employee engagement resources to our users in order to help leverage in a way that works best for their organization.

Q10. What happens when you match an odd number of users?

If your organization is configured to match in groups of 2 (the default) and we encounter an odd number of users in the channel, we’ll create one match group of 3 so that all users are able to meet!

Q11. After installing, If I want to invite a few users to try it out, what should I do?

If you want to test pairing feature within a few users, for example, your HR Team, you can add the HR team members to the coffee-matching channel, or invite to your existing HR Slack channel. The pairing would happen only between users in the channels that the bot has been added to.

Q12. I installed the bot, but it does nothing. Do I need to wait for next Monday at 10am PT for the matching to happen?

No, you don’t have to wait until next Monday. You can go to’s home tab, click on the Advanced dashboard button, and if you’d like to test matching, set the matching time to 1 hour later than the current time. If you do so, you will see the matching goes out in an hour, and you are able to see the matching result data changing as the matching rates changes in real-time (visible on the LEADBot home tab as well as the dashboard).

If you choose to do nothing, the matching will automatically happen on the next Monday at 10 am with a once every two weeks frequency as the default.

Q13. What is the max number of users on the free version? is currently free for an unlimited number of users for our basic plan.

Q14. How do you make money if all the features are free?

I’m glad that you asked. If you need custom matching parameters or have more detailed data insights, then you need to upgrade to the paid features.

Our pricing depends on exactly what you’re interested in, and the number of users you’re interested in registering. We’d be happy to discuss what premium options we have available based on what you’re looking for. Contact us at or leave your email, name, and company name via our Drift chatbot to set up a meeting. 

Q15. What parameters does match people with? has its own smart algorithm based on the company’s preferred parameters and over-time user behaviors.

For the free version, we perform basic matching that’s partially random and partially based on a few simple parameters (such as Slack channels that users have in common). 

Q16. If I have matching set for groups of 4, will there be an odd number group matched?

In this case, will ensure that all users have a match. Depending on the exact size of your Team, it will do this either by creating a group of 5 (if one user is remaining after creating groups of 4), or creating a smaller group for the remaining users (if multiple users are remaining after creating groups of 4).

Have more questions?

Email us at: Our typical response time is within 24 hours