Enhance Employee Experience, Increase
Leadership Potential, and Retain Talent

70% of Fortune 500 companies have some form of an employee engagement program, and millennials are quick to pick opportunities that foster those programs. LEAD developed its platform alongside neuroscientists and social behavior experts to automate the employee pairing process, building the program infrastructure so clients can focus on the most impactful areas for their business.

  • Attract new talent
  • Improve retention and career development
  • Grow community and engagement
  • Measure program ROI
  • Create opportunities for growth outside of formal roles
  • Understand the skills of team members beyond their day-to-day job descriptions

“LEAD is the most comprehensive and well-designed informal learning platform to enhance company culture through employee pairing. They strive to nail everything a company needs to keep employees happy and ready for next-level growth.”

-Adam Traidman, CEO of BRD

Key Features
  • Matching employees through your ideal metrics for coffee, lunch, and mentorship
  • Detailed analytics dashboard to track progress and ROI
  • Highest standards for data security
  • Automated introductions alongside self-driven selections
  • Reverse, flash, and formal mentorship programs to fit your ideal structure
  • Task manager for mentoring pairs
  • Configurable data reports combining Pulse surveys with behavior analytics
  • Bulk CSV invitation/HRM integration for user onboarding

LEAD can help you with

Corporations | Universities | Non-profits

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​”This smart platform is going to make a difference in the onboarding and promotion process.”

LEAD is also able to support other types of organizations

LEAD helps you to create your internal social platform and match members with people they would love to meet.
We increase your organization’s visibility and transparency to attract new members.

Co-working Space/Accelerator
Social Club/NPO

Real-Time Engagement, Activity, Sentiment
and Culture Analytics