LEAD.bot for Slack: Create a more interconnected Workforce.

Make intentional connections among employees across teams, departments, or locations serendipitously.

How It Works

LEAD.bot is GDPR Compliant as well as US-EU Privacy Shield Certified.  

Meet your coworkers with LEAD.Bot. To get matched, join a Slack channel with LEAD.bot added or create a new channel to add LEAD.bot to after inviting colleagues.

The bot will then connect people within the channel for for mentoring, peer learning sessions, casual chats, and cross-team discussions which can strengthen their sense of belonging at work, and more.

1,000+ organizations are building more interconnected workplaces and trustworthy relationships with LEAD.bot

LEAD.bot for Slack

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Match employees

Great for both local and remote teams

LEAD.bot breaks the ice between strangers — prioritizing those who are unlikely to know each other — and encourages them to meet by introducing them via direct message.

LEAD.bot allows organizations to customize their matching preferences such as setting schedules.

Automatically collects feedback and displays data insights

LEAD.bot allows users to send feedback and check in by sending interactive messages.

Social learning

Admin can set the matching rules
Foster new friendships and mentorships across different teams/locations.

Other Advanced Features

  • Customize user greeting messages.
  • Independent schedule per channel. 
  • Match in groups of 2–8 people.
  • Cross-channel matching.
  • Specify advanced matching rules.
  • Unlimited active users and match channels.
  • 100s+ Watercooler topics & & AI-powered topic suggestions to inspire channel-wide discussions.  
  • Create custom matching schedules: weekly, multiple times per week, monthly, or anything in-between!
  • Pulse survey

How should I tell the team that I’ve installed LEAD.bot?

We will email you the onboarding message samples and other suggestions once you download LEAD.bot
Download our 1 page service summary to share with your team here.

Empower Employees, Transform Companies