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Build intentional bonds between employees by serendipitously connecting employees across teams, departments, and locations.

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Connect your Employees

LEAD helps your workforce build trust and friendships. LEAD makes it easy to launch virtual or in-person outings, encourages peer to peer learning opportunities, and helps build internal networks for new hires and existing employees.

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Impact on Employee Engagement

LEAD helps companies establish informal learning programs that inspire employees’ self-learning desires, creating a supportive learning culture that engages your employees.

Employee Engagement: LEAD proactively engages employees by matching them for regular coffee or virtual catch-ups. Together, they build a sense of belonging within the workplace that can be measured through AI-enabled organizational insights for all employees, including C-suite and leadership.

Enhance Employee Experience, Develop Leaders, and Retain Talent

Knowing the right people in the workforce has never been more important, not just for individual career development, but also impact the productivity and internal collaboration.

Besides introducing teammates who don’t know each other well to spread trust and collaboration across your organization, LEAD also helps you create learning opportunities by connecting employees for skills sharing, knowledge exchanging as well as creating more internal collaboration projects and job opportunities.

In The News

“For us, the choice of using LEAD was a no brainer. People are our most valuable asset, and LEAD helps us to strengthen our work culture as a quickly growing company.”

-Adam Traidman, CEO of BRD


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Loved by Employees and HR Managers

"I'm so glad that we installed LEAD since we have to shift to working from home. I've had a few virtual lunches with new colleagues. It's great! "

Katie Johnson

Account Manager



Katie Johnson

Account Manager


"LEAD matched me with Kevin from Sales. I didn't know anything about his role before, and it's been enlightening to hear his stories. LEAD's helped me make friends across the entire organization.

David Yang

Software Engineer



David Yang

Software Engineer


"LEAD brings joy to our company. The self opt-in part and flexibility of the group sizes really make our employee experience initiatives work well."

Mary Smith

People & Communities


Mary Smith

People & Communities

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