Enhance Employee Experience, Develop Leaders, and Retain Talent

70% of Fortune 500 companies have some form of employee engagement programs and millennials are quick to pick job opportunities that foster those programs. LEAD developed its platform along side neuroscientists and social behavior experts to automate employee pairing process, build the program infrastructure so clients can focus on the most impactful areas.

Employee Engagement

LEAD is the end-to-end solution that helps companies create a winning culture.

Employee Engagement: LEAD proactively engages employees, through matching employees for regular coffee or virtual catch ups they build a sense of belonging within the workplace which can be measured through AI-enabled organizational insights for all employees, including c-suite and leadership.

Data reports display real-time data: Employee feedback, profile insights, employee engagement & retention data, and more all in one place. Understand your company’s culture by filtering across different variables including department, age group, gender, KPIs, etc.



Matching employees to meet every 1~4 weeks. …



Flexible mentorship styles including organic mentoring…


Pulse Survey

Personalized Pulse surveys that help HR professionals…


Culture Building

LEAD is designed to help both human resources…


Company Benchmarks

Measure real time data against past results to track …


Question Templates

Question bank featuring different themes designed…

Integrate with your favorite software

fit into your existing workflow

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