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LEAD helps you build meaningful connections among employees.
Turn coffee meetups into learning opportunities.

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Connect your Employees

Your employees are the best resource for their peers, because people learn best from social interactions. Facilitating friendship, mentorship, allies, and a life-long learning culture is important to achieve your learning & development goals.

Impact on Employee Engagement

LEAD helps companies establish informal learning programs that inspire employees’ self-learning desires, creating a supportive learning culture that engages your employees.
Employee Engagement: LEAD proactively engages employees by matching them for regular coffee or virtual catch-ups. Together, they build a sense of belonging within the workplace that can be measured through AI-enabled organizational insights for all employees, including C-suite and leadership.

Enhance Employee Experience, Develop Leaders, and Retain Talent

In a modern workforce, learning contributes to employability. Over the past several decades, employment has shifted from staying with the same company for a lifetime to a model where workers are being retained only as long as they can add value to an enterprise. Workers are now in charge of their personal and professional growth and development, which is one reason people list “opportunities for learning and development” among the top criteria for joining an organization.

While the majority of development is through informal learning such as social learning from colleagues, most budgets are focused on formal programs, but this is changing. Progressive leaders put L&D to a corporate strategy position and drive the best cultural transformation through learning and talent development to unlock employability and increase the talent pipeline.

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“LEAD is the most comprehensive and well-designed informal learning platform to enhance company culture through employee pairing. They strive to nail everything a company needs to keep employees happy and ready for next-level growth.”

-Adam Traidman, CEO of BRD


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Find belonging

"I often travel to and from New York and San Francisco. However, predominantly I work from home, as do my other 200 teammates. A product like LEAD can help me to meet other teammates in any of the offices I’m visiting, and also match me with potential new friends worldwide. I recommend LEAD as I can really see it being a great asset for us."

Katie M, Startup Program Advisor

A Household Name Company


Katie M, Startup Program Advisor

A Household Name Company

A Great Learning Experience

"When I first heard of LEAD, I thought it was just for people who like to make new friends. I am quite introverted and I had a few initial reservations when LEAD matched me for a coffee with Kevin from Sales. When we met up, I learned all about how Kevin has actually been selling my product. It was wonderful to learn about my work transformed in a different way."

David C, Engineer

A Bay Area Software Company


David C, Engineer

A Bay Area Software Company

Develop a life-long learning culture

"LEAD helped us to develop new employee-led informal learning initiatives. We see a clear improvement on people’s sentiment towards learning resources, sense of belonging, and culture in general. The positive employee feedback on the improvement in communication and trust amongst staff across the offices tells us this is working."

Fred L, CHRO


Fred L, CHRO

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