Elevate Your Teams’ Connectivity and Collaboration 

LEAD drives your team to engage more effectively and cross-functionally, and measures insights that lead to consistent improvements in both performance and retention

Mastering Organizational Efficiency and Culture

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Connect your Employees

Build connections across your workforce

Help employees at all levels connect more frequently, deeply, and meaningfully with data-driven approaches — virtual or in-person outings, peer to peer meetups, Sync-Ups, Check-Ins, and peer feedback.

Remote or In-person Meetup Events

From lightweight virtual coffee chat, watercooler chat, to more serious peer check-ins and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) group discussions, LEAD is the best tool for the program managers and participants.

Improve Employee Engagement and your bottom line

Building employees’ intra-workforce network has never been more important, not just for individual career development, but also impacting positively productivity and internal collaboration especially for distributed teams!


Beyond Traditional Feedback: Pulse Surveys and Engagement Analysis

Utilize our advanced Pulse Surveys and ONA-powered engagement tools to pinpoint top performers and potential conflicts. LEAD.bot offers a nuanced understanding of team interactions, crucial for fostering a cohesive and effective work environment. Read more here.

Enhancing Cross-Team Collaboration, Strategically

Addressing the shortcomings of traditional 360 reviews, LEAD.bot focuses on enhancing cross-team collaboration. Our approach not only strengthens team bonds but also brings these vital interactions into the spotlight for management.

A Comprehensive Suite for a Connected Workforce

From virtual coffee chats and Watercooler sessions to strategic new hire onboarding, LEAD.bot integrates a variety of features to strengthen your team’s dynamics. Our platform is more than a virtual meeting space; it’s a transformative solution for breaking down silos and promoting a thriving work culture.

Data-Driven Decisions for Effective Change Management

LEAD.bot’s advanced people analytics and data visualization tools provide real-time feedback, mapping shifts in employee connectedness and identifying isolation. Experience the shift from disconnected teams to a united, collaborative workforce with LEAD.bot.

Take the Lead in Employee Morale and Productivity

Align your people and business strategies with LEAD. Our solutions, ranging from AI-enhanced chats to comprehensive analytics, are designed to elevate engagement and foster a positive work culture.

Understand your employees

Modernize your approach to organizational development (OD)

Build a high-performing workforce with data-driven approach

In The News

“Selecting LEAD was an easy decision for us. As a rapidly expanding company, it’s vital for us to align our growth objectives with our people strategy. LEAD empowers us to accomplish this while also enhancing our work culture, which is invaluable.”
Adam Traidman,

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Loved by Employees and HR Managers

"So happy we got LEAD when we started working from home. I've been having these virtual lunches with teammates, it's been awesome! I'm learning new things and getting real support from peers! "

Katie Johnson
Account Manager


Katie Johnson
Account Manager

"Got matched with Kevin from Sales on LEAD. Dude knows his stuff - totally gave me fresh insights. And the best part? I'm networking, building my brand, and even found a couple of mentors."

David Yang

Software Engineer


David Yang

Software Engineer

"LEAD has revamped our engagement strategy, empowering new hire integration, smart matching, and insightful surveys. It's our go-to for identifying and applauding culture champions - a crucial part of our people-centric approach."

Mary Smith

People & Communities


Mary Smith

People & Communities

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