Fostering Inclusion, Peer Learning, and Support

Revolutionize team collaboration and inclusivity. LEAD enhances inclusivity through interactive watercooler chats and collaborative learning, fostering an environment where every team member excels in open communication and unity.

How It Works

Connecting Peers via Matching and Igniting Conversations via Watercooler in Your Chosen Slack or Microsoft Teams Channels, Plus Celebrating Birthdays and Work Anniversaries for Slack for Microsoft Teams


The Watercooler feature not only fosters informal interactions and camaraderie among remote teams, but also enables companies to use it for team-wide broadcasting and the distribution of micro-learning content, enhancing team bonding, collaboration, and continuous learning.

What People Are Saying

I love reading through Watercooler threads to learn about my colleagues when taking coffee breaks. I’m also looking forward to finding topics I’m interested in and starting casual discussions.

Engineer | Fortune Top 30 Software Company

We love Watercooler because of it’s matching process. It’s a great add-on feature for us in our remote workplace – just like the watercooler chats we used to have in the office.

Director of Human Resources | Property Management

Create Supportive Company Culture

Building a supportive company culture can be easy with LEAD.Bot. Easily creating an environment for mentorships encouraging knowledge share between colleagues through manager meetups or coffees meetups.

LEAD.Bot can also be used to set up programs such as reviews and demos between colleagues.

Put Equity in Action

Make small-group intros for opinion discussions on topics such as sponsorship, sense of belonging and what matters for your organization. Groups can put their thoughts together into actionable items.

Practice Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Help distribute group discussions materials such as readings, podcasts, talks, and help execute the best practice methods.

Implement in 2 minutes.

Find more friends at work.

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