Q1. How do I set up LEAD.bot in Microsoft Teams?

To install LEADBot, go to LEAD.app and click the “Add to Teams” button. Sign in to your Teams account. If you’re already signed into multiple Teams workplaces, you will need to choose a workplace.

Add LEAD to any Teams to activate the matching starting from the following Monday at 10 am PT. (To modify your timezone/time preference, type dashboard to the bot at the chat window, and the bot will send you a link to access the dashboard. *If you can’t access the dashboard after typing dashboard to the bot, please email support@lead.app with a screenshot of the issue, thank you! ) 


Add LEAD.Bot to a Team

Add LEAD.bot to any Team e.g.#coffee-matching as the dedicated Teams to use for LEAD employee matching.

LEAD supports mutli-channel matching. You can invite LEAD.bot to any Teams, such as #ChicagoYoga or #Engineer-PM-meetups, and the bot will match people within those Teams. 

To set up matching in multiple teams, please repeat the procedure: find the bot in the app,  add the bot to a team, then find the bot in the apps again, then add the bot to a new team.

If you add the bot to multiple teams, without setting the cross-team matching on the dashboard, the bot will only match within the same team.

If you want to set the bot to cross-team matching, please review the setup steps in Q10. 


Configurable settings and access to Pulse Survey & Buddy/Mentorship Program

All free services are configurable from LEAD’s admin dashboard. Email support@lead.app to set up a call for your customized needs. If you only need the basic FREE coffee/lunch matching function that’s available in Teams, please skip this step — no need to contact us.


Announce LEAD to your employees!

Your team will participate in LEAD matching by joining the Team that LEAD.bot was added to, so now you just need to invite others to participate and let them know that they need to join the matching team in order to get matched. You can announce LEAD to your team via email and/or within Microsoft Teams (most people tend to post it in the #general or #social). You can just copy and paste the blurb sent from LEAD.bot right into Teams (e.g. into #general or #social). If you need an email announcement template or need to send articles to your co-workers about why meeting others is good for them, please type help to LEAD.bot and it will send you a list of resources. If you have other needs/feedback/requirements, feel free to email support@lead.app, thank you! )

Q2. What are the features available for Microsoft Teams version?

LEAD.bot supports all of the following in its Basic Plan. 

  • Admin Dashboard 
  • Company usage insight
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited matching teams
  • Set up cross-team matching rules
  • Fully customizable introduction messages per team (or cross-team) 
  • Matching in groups of 2 users
  • Custom matching schedules (multiple times per week, weekly, monthly, whatever works for your organization!)
  • Skip or fast-forward a few matching weeks. 
  • Users can send meeting invites via calendar from the LEAD.bot matching intro card
  • Users can chat via LEAD.bot matching intro card without searching their matches via email in Teams

Q3: Can I see a product demo somewhere?

Yes, the video is listed on  //www.lead.app/lead-bot_teams  for the Microsoft Teams’ version.  

Q4. How do I set up a mentorship program/buddy program with LEAD?

You can create a “mentor team” in Microsoft Teams, invite all the mentors to that team, then create another “mentee team” also in Microsoft Teams, then invite all the mentees to that team. Add LEAD.bot to both teams, then type “dashboard” in the chat with LEAD.bot. This will allow you to access the dashboard and set both teams to cross-match.

Please make sure both teams have the same amount of people so everybody can get a match. 

Q5. Do you have announcement templates to help with internal promotion if we use LEAD?

Yes. Once you install the software, we will send you announcement templates. For Teams users, you can also access the templates anytime through the bot: simply type help to LEAD.bot, and the bot will show you a list it can help with, including the template link.

Q6. How can employee matching programs help my company?

  1. Statistics show that 40% of employees feel isolated in the workplace. Enabling workplace friendships across teams helps to increase employee’s sense of belonging, increasing productivity by 3-7 times.
  2. Breakdown business silos. Connecting employees for different purposes can lead to higher employee retention rate and better internal communication.
  3. Contact support@lead.app if you are interested in more insights. 

(The illustration is a famous meme about different organizational cultures, it has nothing to do with guns or anything political. ) 

Q7. Can remote teams utilize LEAD?

Absolutely! Many of our customers use LEAD for their remote workforce. Upon signup, we send employee engagement resources to our users to help them leverage LEAD.bot in a way that best fits their organization.

Q8. How can I stop LEAD matching the whole company?

If your LEAD.bot is matching the whole company, you probably have added the bot to a TEAM that includes all the people in your company. Please delete the bot from that team. 

Create a new TEAM (not channel )and only invite the users you would like them to be matched. If you set the team to be a public team and announce the news in the GENERAL channel, people might join voluntarily as well. The bot will only match the people within the matching team. (if you add the bot to a team, the team will become a matching team.) 



Q9. How can I remove the bot just for my team?

In this way, you only remove the bot from your team without impact the whole company’s usage. 

Q10. How do I stop LEAD matching for myself?

To temporary disable your matching without leaving the group type @LEAD.Bot disable matching for me
To redisplay instructions send help to @LEAD.Bot.


Q11. How do I set up cross-team matching/shuffle matching?

  1. You can invite the bot to different “teams” (please add the bot to teams, not channels), To set this up, you will need to add the bot to different teams. Please repeat the procedure: find the bot in the app,  add the bot to a team, then find the bot in the apps again, then add the bot to a new team.
  2. Go to the dashboard by typing dashboard to the bot, and access the dashboard to select the teams you want to cross-match/shuffle. 

If you have 4 teams, but you only want to select 3 teams to shuffle, please delete the bot from the 4th team if you don’t want any matching to happen. However, if you want the 4th team to match within the 4th team, you can leave the bot there. 


Q12. Can I have a different icebreaker/introduction message?

Type dashboard to the bot at the chat, then the bot will give you a link to access the admin dashboard. Then select “use default” to display the original icebreaker. You can edit the original icebreaker, give your employee discussion topics/guidance and/or survey links. 

Q13. Does the app integrate/utilize MS Outlook calendars for free/busy information for users?

We integrate with Outlook calendar directly, which provides the ability to see user availability when scheduling a meeting. See the three attached screenshots for the workflow.



Q14. I can't find the feature I need in the admin dashboard.

If you can not find a certain feature, it is likely that we haven’t launched the feature yet. Please email support@lead.app with these details below:

  1. The bot version you are using: Slack or Microsoft Teams 
  2. The use case of the feature you are looking for. (how many people, what purpose) 
  3. The description of the feature. 

You can also schedule a call via our customer service bot under the right corner of our website. 


Q15. How is LEAD.bot different from Icebreaker?

Q16. I added LEAD.bot to two teams but only one team had match, why?

LEAD.bot does support multiple teams, however, it only provides one match per person per match round. If you add LEAD.bot to two teams, members in both teams will receive matches, however, members that are present in both teams will only receive a single match (which could come from any of the teams that they’re in). 

Have more questions?

Email us at: support@lead.app Our typical response time is within 24 hours