Integrate with the team

Assist new employees in finding their belongings.
Welcome new employees by facilitating introductions to the relevant individuals via Slack and Microsoft Teams.

How it Works

Building connections with the team is essential for new hires’ success within the company, but it can be challenging for people managers to ensure that every new employee receives personalized attention. With, welcoming new employees becomes effortless as it facilitates introductions to onboarding buddies, lunch pals, and other relevant teammates, providing support to make sure each new hire integrates smoothly into the team.

No need to use many different platforms, this is all done right in your Slack or Microsoft Teams.  Learn more

Checklist and Manager Reminder

Sending new hires a checklist and reminding managers about them ensures efficient onboarding, boosts confidence, and sets a solid foundation for a positive employer-employee relationship.

Pair New hires with Onboarding Buddies

Onboarding buddy is beneficial to new hires as it aids in their quick acclimation to the company culture and fosters a sense of belonging right from the start.

Arrange a Job Shadow Experience

Job shadowing is a practical approach to gaining firsthand experience in various areas of the company, and it also provides an opportunity for team members to share their knowledge and expertise with new hires.

Arrange One-on-One Meetings with Managers

Managers also have a significant role to play in onboarding. Encourage new hires to schedule goal-setting sessions, lunches, or informal meet-and-greet sessions with their managers.

Introduce New Hire to Lunch Pals

Broaden the networks of new hires by introducing them to a colleague for lunch during their first day, week, or month on the job.

Commemorate Team Anniversary Milestones

Don’t limit your check-ins to the first 90 days! With’s Celebrations feature, you can automatically trigger milestone celebrations for work anniversaries, including small milestones within 90 days, and beyond. This feature provides an opportunity to celebrate employee achievements as a team, boosting morale and reinforcing positive company culture.

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