Help Employees Reach Their Full Potential with LEAD.Bot

Connect employees looking to learn new skills with experts within your org who are excited to teach.

Design your Mentorship Program

Supports various types of mentorship, such as peer to peer, speed, reverse, and mutual mentoring. Group people based on department, topic, or seniority level.

Pair New Hires with Buddies

Don’t just check in with new hires on the first 30, 60, and/or 90 days, make your workplace a warm community where new hires can find friends, mentors, sponsors, and coffee mates. periodically introduces new hires with other colleagues based on your company initiatives.

Create Supportive Company Culture

Building a supportive company culture can be easy with LEAD.Bot. Easily creating an environment for mentorships encouraging knowledge share between colleagues through manager meetups or coffees meetups.

LEAD.Bot can also be used to set up programs such as reviews and demos between colleagues.

Implement in 2 minutes.
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