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Keep your workforce connected, build meaningful connections among employees.

How It Works

Just Join the Slack channel created (or create your own channel – supports mutiple channels), then invite the right people to join the channels. Introduce teammates for a variety of purposes, such as a coffee meetup or speed mentoring.


Available in Slack App Directory can be downloaded either from this button Add to Slack or from the Slack App Directory.

Match employees

Good for both local and remote teams introduces teammates who might not know each other via direct message and encourages them to meet or chat in person or remotely.

Break the ice between strangers, increase peer to peer interaction.


Automatically collects feedback and displays data insights

Social learning

Admin can set the matching rules
Foster new friendships and mentorships across different teams/locations.

Other advanced features

  • Customize user greeting messages
  • Match in groups of 2–8 people
  • Specify advanced matching rules
  • Unlimited active users and match channels
  • Create custom matching schedules: weekly, multiple times per week, monthly, or anything in-between!

How should I tell the team that I’ve installed

We will email you the onboarding message samples and other suggestions once you download

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