Connect teammates through serendipitous conversation.

Our AI-powered Watercooler can generate conversation topics based on admin preferences to facilitate spontaneous conversations and build connections among employee.

How it Works

Simply invite teammates to your channels and will take the lead of creating meaningful conversations that build trust and collaboration.

Help Colleagues Get to Know Each Other

Create bonds with your team even in a remote/hybrid workplace.

Make Watercooler Chats a New Company Standard

Post engaging prompts to encourage sharing like: “What is your favorite childhood movie?” or “What is your go-to emoji?

Build Bonds Across Departments and Distances

Sales meets Engineering. Japan meets Bay Area. Build meaningful relationships by introducing teammates from different departments, locations, and regions.

Make connections count with LEAD

Download our 1 page service summary to share with your team here.

Empower Employees, Transform Companies

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