Socialize and engage around the Watercooler

Create opportunities to socialize with compelling watercooler conversations that strengthen teamwork and collaboration on Slack and Microsoft Teams.

How it Works

LEAD will initiate topics that spark engaging conversations and friendly debates in the channel that you choose. Watercooler is easier than ever with these three steps:

Pick a Slack / Microsoft Teams Channel

Encourage your teams to talk in existing channels, or create a new #watercooler channel for this purpose.

Choose a Category

Surf through hundreds of LEAD’s water cooler topics across many different categories that help get the conversation started.

Chat in the Slack / Microsoft Teams Channel

Make workplace fun with light-hearted conversations simultaneously across timezones.

What People Are Saying

I love reading through Watercooler threads to learn about my colleagues when taking coffee breaks. I’m also looking forward to finding topics I’m interested in and starting casual discussions.

Engineer | Fortune Top 30 Software Company

We love Watercooler because it’s a great add-on feature for us in our remote workplace – just like the watercooler chats we used to have in the office.

Director of Human Resources | Property Management

Creat an interconnected Workforce with LEAD.

Empower Employees, Transform Companies