Build a better culture with frequent employee feedback

Capture feedback from every moment in the employee experience, from hire to retire.

Active employee listening, at scale’s Pulse Survey product is a unique employee experience solution that helps you identify what keeps your employees engaged, connect performance metrics for rich insight, and guide you to the most impactful action you can take at your company.

Seize the moment with the most impactful actions

Improve your employee experience and drive strong cultural outcomes with LEAD’s collaborative action plans, research-backed suggested actions, and real-time results tracking. Utilize LEAD’s engagement programs to effectively connect with your team and recognize their contributions.

Collect and respond to employee feedback with ease.

LEAD’s pulse survey allows for anonymous sharing of honest opinions, while collaborative action plans and suggested actions help you improve employee experience and drive cultural outcomes. From hire to retire, LEAD’s suite of survey solutions captures feedback and provides insights to improve onboarding, reduce attrition, and boost engagement. Learn more 

Building a winning culture is crucial for any business.’s Pulse Survey is designed to engage all employees, including millennials and Gen Z who make up a significant portion of today’s workforce. With our user-friendly platform and quick, easy-to-answer surveys, you can collect feedback from everyone and take effective action to improve your workplace culture. Try it now and see the difference it can make for your organization

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