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1.Tutorials & FAQs

Please visit https://www.lead.app/lead-bot-for-microsoft-teams-tutorials/ for a list of videos on how to use each functions. 

For product or technical FAQs, please visit https://www.lead.app/about-lead-bot-for-microsoft-teams/

For billing related FAQs, please visit https://www.lead.app/lead-bot-for-teams-pricing/

For data privacy and security related FAQs, please email security@lead.app


Workplaces where employees feel welcome, appreciated, and connected have higher retention, greater productivity, and better overall work culture. So whether you want LEAD.bot to keep remote employees in the loop, help your coworkers feel comfortable in the office, or foster meaningful friendships, you’re taking definite steps toward making your business succeed.


“One of the biggest factors that contribute to the success of any business is whether or not its employees are able to perform together as a team. With increasing competition, it has become extremely important to encourage creativity in the office, in order to improve productivity and promote healthy employee relationships.”

-Nutcache, The Importance Of Collaboration In The Workplace

2.Set up instructions

Getting started

With just one click, LEAD.bot will introduce coworkers from different departments and encourages them to meet up for a virtual coffee or for a mentoring program, depending on what you envision for your team. LEAD.bot currently offers free casual matching for an unlimited number of users so you can involve your entire workplace.


  1. To start, add LEAD.bot to any Team by clicking the settings icon next to the Team name, click on “manage applications”, click “add”, search for LEAD.Bot and add it to a specific team.

Important tips:

  • Add to a team/teams, NOT a channel/channels. If you add it to a channel, the bot might not work because Microsoft Team APIs do not support that.)
  •  If you need to add the bot to other teams, please repeat this procedure. *If you did not add the bot to a specific team, for example, TEAM A, typing @LEAD.bot in TEAM A will not work.
  • The Team can be public or private, and you can invite the bot to as many Teams as you like. Every other Monday, LEAD.bot will match two employees within that Team and will send a card in a group chat with the two of them.
  1. 2 Matching card

The card will be sent to each individual who is in the matching team respectively. The card prompts the two matched people to schedule a meeting, whether that be for coffee or for a Zoom call.


  • The matched pairs can meet for any reason – your only limit is your imagination. For example, pairs in the Engineer-PM-meetups Team might meet to swap ideas about project management over a latte, and pairs in the ChicagoYoga Team might schedule their next yoga class together. 
  • LEAD.bot will keep sending out matches for members as long as they remain in that Team, so opting in or opting out is as simple as joining or leaving a Team. Please include instructions for your co-workers/employees to know how they can opt-in and opt-out of the matching without being noticed by others. 
    • To disable matching for your user without leaving the Team, type “@LEAD.Bot disable matching for me” to LEAD.bot or matching team,
    • To re-enable matching for your user, type “@LEAD.Bot enable matching for me” to LEAD.bot or the matching team.


Customizable Features 

If bigger is better for your org because it is less likely to have repeat matches of the pairs. The group size is two people at the moment, and it can NOT be customized. However, the feature of customizing two to eight members per match group is on our roadmap.

Please email support@lead.app to let us know about the features you need, so we can prioritize them in our development process. 


Customizable greeting messages
As an admin, you can change the default greeting messages that LEAD.bot sends out to your employees. You can put your own meeting goals/purpose/guidelines in the greetings to fit into your programs. We saw that companies that added their own chat topics for employees have much higher participation rates and success rates.

Here are some topics you can include in the intro messages:

  1. Tell your match about your current role and daily routine!
  2. Do you have a dedicated home office?
  3. What’s the last great TV show or movie you watched?

More icebreaker topics are available here. Incorporate your own meeting goals/purposes/guidelines to get the most out of LEAD.bot!


Schedule and Frequency

While the bot is set to match coworkers on a bi-weekly basis, you can adjust the frequency of new matches and the frequency of follow-up reminders by access to the admin dashboard. 

By default, LEAD.bot will send new matches every other Monday at 10:00 a.m. PST. If you want monthly, weekly, or any other frequency for your matches, you can customize this at any time. Just type dashboard to LEAD.bot in a chat window, as the screenshot is shown below: 


You will see the Admin Dashboard:

(If you don’t have access to the dashboard, please contact us at support@lead.app.)

Click Matching Settings, then click into the setting cards. Each card represents 1 matching set for a matching team. You can have multiple settings if you have multiple matching teams.




 Cross-team Matching

LEAD.bot supports cross-Team matching. For instance, if the NY-engineers Team and the SF-engineers Team want to learn from each other, all you need to do is set up a NY-SF-engineer-meetup Team – LEAD.bot will only send out NY-SF matches (and you don’t have to worry about getting NY-NY or SF-SF matches). This functionality will be especially helpful for matching new hires and seasoned employees, or connecting executives to employees at all levels of the workplace.

To set this up, you will need to add the bot to different teams. Please repeat the procedure: find the bot in the app,  add the bot to a team, then find the bot in the apps again, then add the bot to a new team.

*If you added the bot to 4 different teams, and only set 3 of them to cross-match, the 4th team will match within the 4th team. 

  • 1. In the Matching Settings, choose Cross Team Matching right next to the Matching Schedule.
  • 2. Repeat the procedure: find the bot in the app,  add the bot to a team, then find the bot in the apps again, then add the bot to a new team. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to see your team list. You can choose teams you want to cross-match with this team. Follow the instructions listed on this function page, each team can only be added once.
  • Once you selected all teams, go to the schedule and make sure you apply the schedule to the cross-matching group you created. Tutorial here.
  • After that, please go to the Template builder to select the template for the team in your cross-matching group. The team you are in while you edited the group, is the main team. Change the template for this team will apply the template for the whole group.
  • Please make sure to turn off the schedule for each team in the cross-matching group, if you only want the cross-matching happen without anybody meeting their own team. Only leave the independent schedule for a certain team on, if you would like to have that team to meet themselves as well. (Below is the place you can check out how many schedules a team or a group has)
Multi-Team supported
You can invite the bot to any other Teams, and the bot will match people within the same Teams automatically. Please repeat the procedure: find the bot in the app,  add the bot to a team, then find the bot in the apps again, then add the bot to a new team.  *If you did not add the bot to a specific team, for example, TEAM A, typing @LEAD.bot in TEAM A will not work.
You can also create a group of 3, 4 or lager at the Matching settings! Besides Automatic matching, LEAD.bot also support manually matching for you to specifically introduce certain people via a group of 2-4 as well.

Some of the customizable features are included in the paid plans, such as Customizable Introduction Message Template and independent schedules for each team as well as premium Watercooler chat that spark team-wide discussions. However, you can try it out during your 14-day free trial!


LEAD.bot will help your workplace thrive

3. Use Cases

Collaborate Across Different Teams

A more connected workplace improves productivity and cross-team collaboration. Getting perspective matters – colleagues from different fields can help each other see their problems from another angle. It’s way easier to drop a line to coworkers who you’ve already met. With LEAD.bot, give your colleagues the chance to exchange ideas, collaborate, and create together.

The Onboarding Process and Integrating New Hire

Ease the transition for new hires and get them comfortable with their new workplace. LEAD.bot can match new employees within their cohort or with their new managers. As they make more friends and connections, they’re much more likely to find their place in your team and stay for the long haul.

Keep Remote Employees Connected

With LEAD.bot, remote workers can still work from the comfort and safety of their own home without feeling so isolated. Virtual Zoom hangouts or quick coffee conversations put faces to usernames, and keep WFH employees socially involved.


How Should I Tell My Team I’ve Installed LEAD.bot?

4. Announcement Templates 

We know getting employees on board with something new, especially when it involves technology, can be difficult. Now that you’re ready to give LEAD.bot a spin, you just need to get your employees ready to use it. 


Stuck on how to encourage people to sign up? Here are some suggestions whether you’d prefer to invite directly in Teams, by email, or both. Our sample message templates are a quick, easy, and fun way to introduce LEAD.bot to your team. 


The more the merrier! More people using LEAD.bot in their Teams means more opportunities to increase collaboration across your company.

Announcement templates via emails  

Example 1 – For any company

Subject: Great news: coffee and friends!


Hey team,


We’re introducing a coffee buddy program over Microsoft Teams! 


Our new application, LEAD.bot, will match you for coffee meetups with your coworkers every other Monday at 10 am. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your teammates better AND you can get extra coffee … who couldn’t use some of that?! LEAD.bot will send a card introducing you to a colleague you don’t normally work with. You guys can decide if you want to grab a virtual coffee or lunch together. If face-to-face isn’t your thing, you could set up a time for a chat on Hangout, FaceTime, or Skype instead.


How do I join the coffee buddy program?

  1. If you’re not already on Microsoft Teams, make an account and sign up your organization at //teams.microsoft.com.
  2. Log in to your account and make sure you have permission to install apps for your organization. Otherwise, ask your admin to add the bot for you.
  3. Add LEAD.bot to any private or public Team you’d like by clicking the settings icon next to the Team name, click on “manage applications”, click “add”, search for LEAD.Bot and add it. 
  4. Now LEAD.bot will match people within the same Teams automatically. 


You can also make your own Team, invite whoever you like and add LEAD.bot in the same way as shown above!


If you’re going on vacation or have  a busy week ahead, it’s super easy to pause the app. Just type “@LEAD.Bot disable matching for me in the Team you want to leave and @LEAD.Bot enable matching for me” when you’re back. You can also leave the Team permanently. It’s that easy! We are looking forward to seeing everyone signed up and getting a ️coffee or chatting together soon.


We know that meeting new people can be intimidating, but with this program everyone is in the same boat. We hope these matches will help you expand your network and meet new friends!

Example 2-for large, expanding companies

Subject: Getting To Know Your Coworkers From Afar


Hello team!

Our company’s expansions are so exciting, but it also means we have quite a lot of distance between our offices. Teammates across oceans are still teammates, and of course, we all want to communicate well, learn from each other, and share ideas.


We love it when people say hello and introduce themselves in the hallways, so we’re introducing a tool that will help us meet our teammates in other offices too! 


LEAD.bot is a Teams bot that will introduce you to a new coworker every other Monday. Once you’re matched up, get a cup of coffee, grab lunch or just Skype over the computer for a virtual hang: whatever gets you chatting!


Ready to get started?

Search for and join the coffee-matching Teams and that’s it! Every other Monday you’ll receive a DM introducing you to a new colleague. If you’d like to opt-out for a bit, just leave the Team or type in “@LEAD.bot disable matching for me” in coffee-matching. You can rejoin by typing “@LEAD.bot enable matching for me” or by rejoining the Team when you’re ready to receive another match.


It’s that simple! We can’t wait to get everyone started and make friendships across the globe. If you think about all you have learned from your coworkers right in your office, imagine what you can learn from someone halfway across the world!

Example 3-Matching workers who are WFH

Hey team,

We’re trying out a new Microsoft Teams function called LEAD.bot that will introduce you to a coworker every other Monday. You guys can grab coffee or hop on a quick Zoom call just to chat. All you need to do is join the SF-NYC-Meetups Team.

Why are we doing this? Glad you asked! Since we have so many employees who work remotely, we know that meeting new people can be difficult. Setting up lunch buddies for new hires has been going great and we want to keep up that energy. We want to make sure all of us continue to feel supported and connected to the rest of the office, even if we don’t come in every day. 

Signing up is super easy! Join the SF-NYC-Meetups Team. You’ll be matched with a new buddy every other Monday – just look for a message from LEAD.bot in your DMs. LEAD.bot finds teammates that don’t interact that often on Teams, so you know you’ll be matched with someone new! 

Let us know if you have any feedback. We can adjust how often it sends out matches, so you can tell us if you guys feel a little overwhelmed or if you want more! You can also opt out any time by leaving SF-NYC-Meetups.

By Microsoft Teams

Announcement templates in Microsoft Teams

People who frequently use Microsoft Teams and are already signed in and are likely to join right away when they see the message, making Microsoft Teams a good way to introduce LEAD.bot if you want high sign up rates. Here are a few ideas for posts in your #general or main Team.

P.S. The emojis will show up in Teams if you copy-paste any of the templates below ❤️

Example 1

Hi everyone!

We’ve integrated LEAD.bot into Microsoft Teams to help us all get to know each other better ?. @LEAD.bot will pair you with another member of the coffee-matching Team every other Monday and send you a reminder to meet up, grab a coffee or just have a chat ☕ ? ?. You can opt-in or out any time by joining or leaving coffee-matching.

We are so excited for you all to meet your colleagues and make new friends! ?

Example 2

Do you like coffee? Do you like meeting new friends at work? Of course you do! ☕ ? ?

We just installed a new Teams bot named @LEAD.bot to make those coffee dates easier to figure out. Join the coffee-matching Team and you’ll be matched with a teammate every other Monday. LEAD.bot makes sure to match you with someone who doesn’t frequently work with you, so you can be sure that you’re really expanding your horizons.

It doesn’t have to be coffee – you can take a walk, set up a Skype session, or grab lunch. Go skydiving, if you’d like! ? We just want to help you feel closer to your coworkers and our workplace. 

You can also add LEAD.bot to any Team you’d like! It’s a great tool for getting new hires settled in, for our WFH colleagues to stay connected or just for anyone who wants to have more work buddies ?. Add LEAD.bot to any private or public Team you’d like by clicking the settings icon next to the Team name, click on “manage applications”, click “add”, search for LEAD.Bot and add it. 

We really hope you give it a try. You never know what you could learn! ?☺️

Example 3

? Drum roll please… ?

 …and maybe give us a full band – guitars and all – because our newest news is something to celebrate! ? ? ?

We just installed a Microsoft Teams bot called @LEAD.bot to help us with communication and collaboration in the workplace! We are so excited to get you meeting new people and sharing new ideas.

Here’s how it works:

LEAD.bot randomly introduces you to a new teammate via your DMs every other Monday. You and your buddy can then go grab a coffee, get lunch or just hang out on Zoom. To get started, join the coffee-matching Team. If you find that this isn’t for you, you can opt out any time by leaving the Team (and opt back in by joining the Team again at any time). You can also type ““@LEAD.bot disable/enable matching for me” to stop or start the matching.

You might as well give it a try – there’s nothing to lose and friends to gain! ?


5. Billing and Subscription related questions 

Please visit https://www.lead.app/lead-bot-for-teams-pricing/ for our free plan, Standard Plan, get a quote from the pricing calculator, or check out the billing related FAQs.


6. Customer stories (click me)


7. Feature updates (click me)