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Pinpoint and resolve your organization’s culture challenges with people science & data analytics 


There are mainly two types of People Analytics companies use to analyze

Traditional People Analytics

Hierarchal Structure

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)

Network Structure

Example Roles Super-connectors: Mitchell | Isolated Employees: Ramirez
ONA detects crucial factors that most companies can NOT afford to ignore

LEAD provides the most cutting-edge people analytics from Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to answer pertinent questions:

How does information and communication flow in the organization currently?

LEAD provides you recommendations on how to shift the flow to the ideal stage.

Who are the most influential employees or teams?

Besides recognition and rewards, LEAD quantifies their comparative impact.

Are some employees at a higher risk of exit?

Burnout and underappreciation are usually the ignored factors, but we’ve got you covered.

Put Your People First

Build a culture that understands the value of employees. LEAD’s custom AI focuses on the experiences and wellbeing of employees and identifies signs of burnout and disengagement, to ensure People Operations is up to date on employee performance.

Practice Effective Listening

Gain first-hand knowledge of what employees need to stay engaged. From the best cross-team-building practices to ONA people analytics, using LEAD drives employee retention.

Understand Employee Connections Through ONA

LEAD provides data to reveal employee potential and habits through connectedness and intra-workforce relationships. By identifying network members whose contributions go unrecognized, pivotal relationships and collaborations can be developed through peer and inclusion programs to scale efficiency and productivity.

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