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Work Email

People are your organization's biggest asset.
Empower your people with LEAD.

Free Slack/Microsoft Teams Bot

$0 / Forever Free

  • Great for light-weighted social purposes such as Coffee Meet-ups. 
  • Great for remote team/cross-team pairing
  • Multi-channel matching 
  • Unlimited active users
  • Any company size
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*Email for Microsoft Teams version


Basic Plan I & II

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  • Per active* LEAD user per month, billed monthly based on actual usage. .
  • Informal learning programs
  • Mentorship
  • Social programs 
  • D&I initiatives
  • Email/Slack/Microsoft Teams integration
  • Up to 2000 active users.
  • Pulse survey for program feedback
  • Program data insights

*only users involved in LEAD programs.

Professional Plan

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  • Including Coffee Meet-up, Buddy/Mentorship Basic, and Analytics.
  • Great for Organization-Wide Programs.
  • Companies > 2000 Employees.
  • D&I initiatives.
  • Email/Slack/Microsoft Teams Integration.
  • Pulse Survey
  • Data insights
  • Flexible pricing tiers, SSO, HRIS &calendar integration, on-site consultation.

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