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Find answers to frequently asked questions about how to add LEAD to Slack, how to use advanced LEAD settings, and how to access to LEAD’s admin dashboard.

Q1. How do I set up LEAD.bot in Slack?

How to install and set up the LEAD.bot for your Slack team:

To install LEAD, go to LEAD.app and click the “Add to Slack” button. Sign in to your Slack account. If you’re already signed into multiple Slack workplaces, you will need to choose a workplace.

Depending on your workplace’s settings, you may not be able to install bots if you’re not an admin for your workplace. If you are installing LEAD.bot without the right to create a channel in your workplace, the installation will fail. To avoid this, you will need to have an admin add LEAD, or add you as an admin.


LEAD automatically creates a channel for LEAD.Bot 

LEAD will automatically create a channel called #coffee-matching as the dedicated Slack channel to use for LEAD employee matching. (If you do not want to use this default channel, you can rename the channel or create one or multiple new channels and add LEAD.bot to it/ them.)

LEAD supports mutli-channel matching. You can invite LEAD.bot to any channel, such as #ChicagoYoga or #Engineer-PM-meetups, and the bot will match people within those channels. 

Configurable settings and access to Pulse Survey & Buddy/Mentorship Program

Email support@lead.app to set up a call for your customized needs. All services are configurable from LEAD’s admin dashboard. If you only need the basic FREE coffee/lunch matching function that’s available in Slack, please skip this step –no need to contact us.

Announce LEAD to your team!

Your team will participate in LEAD matching by joining the channel LEAD created, so now you just need to invite others to participate and let them know that they need to join the #coffee-matching channel in order to get matched. You can announce LEAD to your team via email and/or within Slack (most people tend to post it in the #general channel or #social channel). You can just copy and paste the blurb sent from LEAD.bot right into Slack (e.g. into #general or #social). If you need an email announcement template or need to send articles to your co-workers about why meeting others is good for them, please email support@lead.app or grab one from the bottom of this page.

Q2: How does the matching by email work?

Matching by email is a premium service and you need to request access to LEAD’s admin dashboard. Contact support@lead.app to set up a meeting.

Q3: Can I see a product demo somewhere?

Please visit //www.lead.app/lead-bot_slack/ for our LEAD.bot for Slack, visit //www.lead.app/lead_email/ for our advanced product demo. 

Q4. Besides Slack, what other platforms do you support?

We can introduce coworkers one on one through group emails, Microsoft Teams or Workplace by Facebook. Users also get notifications on our platform. Please email Support@lead.app to get more details. 

Q5. How do I set up a mentorship program/buddy program with LEAD?

Buddy/Mentorship Program setting is a premium service and you need to request access to LEAD’s admin dashboard. Contact support@lead.app to set up a meeting.

Q6. Do you have announcement templates to help with internal promotion if we use LEAD?

Yes. Once you download the software, we will send you announcement templates. For Slack users, you can also access to the templates anytime through the bot. 

Q7. How can employee matching programs help my company ?

  1. Statistics show that 40% of employees feel isolated in the workplace. Enabling workplace friendships across teams helps to increase employee’s sense of belonging, increasing productivity by 3-7 times.
  2. Breakdown business silos. Connecting employees for different purposes can lead to higher employee retention rate and better internal communication.
  3. Contact support@lead.app if you are interested in more insights. 

Q8. Can remote teams utilize LEAD?

Yes. Many users of ours use LEAD for their remote workforce. We send employee engagement resources to our users for them to leverage LEAD.bot well.

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LEAD Coffee Matching

Local or remote, new BFF or mentor, you can always meet interesting co-workers via LEAD.