Feature UpdatesTailored for HR professionals, our community is the ideal place for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking.

Why We Established LEAD’s People Success Community?

With LEAD.bot’s mission to transform how organizations understand and enhance their internal communication, it was imperative to create a community for professionals who can leverage this transformation. The People Success Community was birthed as a space for HR professionals and leaders to collaboratively learn, share, and innovate. Here, insights generated by LEAD.bot are translated into actionable strategies, ensuring that companies not only have the data but also the wisdom to harness the full potential of their people.



LEAD’s People Success Community Code of Conduct

Our goal is to foster a safe, inclusive, and supportive space for our members. To achieve this, we request all members to adhere to our Code of Conduct. Any breaches will be reviewed, and members may be removed from the People Success Community (PSC).

Important Note: This community does not offer legal advice. For issues like visas, harassment, and compliance, always consult a legal expert. While our members might share their perspectives on such topics, they shouldn’t be held responsible for such advice.




Guidelines to Follow:

  • Be Respectful: We thrive on mutual respect. Communicate in the same manner you’d wish to be spoken to, and help make our community accessible to all.
  • No Selling: Our space is for HR professionals to connect and learn. Do not promote products, services, or solicit members without their express consent. If someone tries to market to you, please inform a PSC admin or ambassador.
  • Keep it in the Community: Our discussions are confidential. Please avoid sharing them outside the community.
  • Participation is Key: Our community’s value lies in active engagement. Please:
    • Ask and answer questions.
    • Engage in meaningful conversations.
    • Ensure you post in the right channels and avoid duplicating your messages.


We urge you to steer our conversations! Our platform is an opportunity to share insights, seek mentorship, and discuss innovative strategies.



Getting Started:

  • Profile Setup: Update your Slack profile with your work details. As an example, you can format it like “Frances (LEAD)”.
  • Add a Picture: Make your profile recognizable with a picture.
  • Say Hello: Introduce yourself in the #introductions channel.
  • Notifications: Customize your Slack notifications as per your convenience, and remember you’re free to leave or join channels.




  • What is the People Success Community?
    PSC, powered by LEAD, is a hub for People Ops professionals. Here, you can engage in discussions, access e-books, blogs, network at online events, and even share job openings within your company.


  • Can I add a friend to PSC?
    To maintain our community’s integrity, all members need to apply for membership. If you know someone perfect for PSC, guide them to our application form.


  • Application Approval Time?
    Applications are assessed weekly by a PSC admin.


  • Who’s in charge here?
    Frances from LEAD manages our community.


  • Other Queries?
    For any other PSC-related questions, write to community@lead.app. We’ll respond at the earliest.


What is LEAD.bot?

LEAD.bot melds Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) with AI-driven collaboration to illuminate hidden communication trends and pinpoint central influencers. By utilizing features like virtual coffee chats, Watercooler sessions, and Pulse Surveys on platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, it provides a richer understanding of team communication, going beyond standard 1:1 interactions and 360-degree evaluations.

This deeper insight is pivotal for leaders, offering a transformative strategy for culture change. Our dream for LEAD is to be the gold standard in people success platforms. Notably, 92% of companies today are missing the crucial data needed for effective people analytics, which hinders their ability to fully leverage their teams and refine leadership methods.



Join Our Community:

Tailored for HR professionals, our community is the ideal place for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking.